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Health Essential 康宜齡健康食品 

Hong Kong's premier health food store for over 22 years!

8/F Hung Tak Building, 108 Des Voeux Road, Central, H.K.  Tel: 25452286

About Health Essential (previously Health Gate)

We are the pioneer in bringing organic, gluten free foodstuff into HK since 1992. We carry almost 1500 products imported from USA, our customers can choose from a wide range of foods & drinks which are organic or 100% natural, free from gluten/wheat, dairy, soy & nut. Low Glycemic Index or sugar free for diabetics. Dietary supplements for adults and kids. Organic baby's formula for 1-3years old. Body/skin/hair care products which are all natural and chemical free. We also carry a wide selection of hypo-allergenic eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. We promote healthy living without any compromise on the quality of life to those who enjoy life and their loved ones.

VIP Summer Sale begins  27 June to 30 July.   All items are discounted from 10% to 30% and up, including food, personal care & household products. Please take this opportunity to visit our store during this period for big savings!

For Non-VIP customers, still can enjoy 10% discount.

Our Exclusive Sole Distributor for Asia

Naturcolor - Haircolor from plant extracts. All Natural. 

Herbal Based Haircolor Gel to Cover Grey Hair. No Ammonia. No Resorcinol.

We carry full range of colors. Product of Italy.


Country Save Superior cleaning products since 1977!

Country Save's full line of cleaning products offers effective and safe cleaning power, backed by more than 25 years of customer satisfaction and success!

*Includes laundry detergent (both powder & liquid), Non-chlorine bleach & dish detergent (PH adjusted, gentle, excellent to housewife hands).

*Economical. 100% phosphate free.

*Gentle. Bio-degradable. Environmental friendly.

*Laundry liquid detergent are gentle enough for baby clothes, and recommeded for sensitive skin (Hypoallergenic, allergy & asthma tested).


DURAFRESH Toothpaste & Oral Rinse

This anti-microbial toothpaste cleans deeply into the tiny spaces between teeth and along gum lines. It contains aloe vera and baking soda that can help whiten teeth. Contains large amount of calcium, highly recommended for growing children to help build and strengthen bones & teeth. It is also beneficial for adults as it helps bring back lost minerals from teeth, eradicating tooth sensitivity.

Durafresh Oral rinse - because of the unique properties of its active ingredient, Stablized Chlorine Dioxide ClO2. It not only prevents cavities in the teeth but also removes the plaque that is the primary cause of periodontal disease  (gum problems) by killing the bacteria, fungus, germs and other microbial agents found in the mouth.

Breath Spray - 100% natural, pleasant-tasting, alcohol-free, and sugar-free breath spray aids in destroying the odor-causing compounds in the mouth that cause bad breath. This product is so effective and safe that it can get rid of garlic, coffee and cigerette breath in 10 seconds!



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