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Thank you for your patronage to Health Essential and loyalty of using
NaturColor. Due to personal reason, the directors have chosen to retire officially
from Health Essential. Though it means we will no longer be able to serve you, 

we are happy to announce that NaturColor products will remain in Hong Kong.

We have officially passed on the sole distribution right, and
Herbaceuticals Inc. (manufacturer and supplier of NaturColor) has
officially appointed iSGO HK Limited to be the new distributor of

In addition to NaturColor, iSGO also offers a wide range of curated high

quality healthy products for enriching your everyday life. 

Their shop / showroom is conveniently located at 

Unit 0402-03, 4/F Lucky Building, 39 Wellington Street, Central. 
Office Number : +852-3791-2575
Mobile/WhatsApp : +852-5703-5397

Contact person: Wini Lee

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : 

The price discount you've been enjoying at Health Essential remains
unchanged. In addition, the same discount is now applied to all iSGO

I wish you all good health and many happy returns. Please feel free to
WhatsApp or email me for a personal message or any questions you may

感謝您一路以來對康宜齡和Naturcolor的支持。 由於個人原因,各同員選擇正式退出在康宜齡中的角色。 雖然這意味著我們將不再能夠為您服務,但還是高興NaturColor產品將會留在香港。

Herbaceuticals Inc.(NaturColor的製造商和供應商)已正式委任iSGO HK Limited(享購香港有限公司)延續Naturcolor的代理。



享購香港有限公司) 店舖位於 :



電話 : +852-3791-2575
WhatsApp : +852-5703-5397

聯絡人: Wini Lee

電郵: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Exclusive Sole Distributor for Asia


Herbaceutical Naturcolor (Free deliery with minimum order of 3 boxes within HK)

Herbaceuticals Naturcolor Permanent Spagyric Herbal Based Haircolor Gel is a permanent herbal-based hair color gel available in 32 beautiful shades that add incredible gloss while gently coloring your hair. Natural plant pigments color with a subtle transparent effect. Your gray hair will take the color differently than the darker portions of hair allowing for subtle color on color tones that look natural and never appear "dyed". Naturcolor can be used to complement your natural hair color while covering gray. It can be used to add subtle, but radiant highlights, or to dramatically change your existing hair color. It will not fade as other hair color products do.

Naturcolor Haircolor Gel was designed for chemically sensitive people. Every effort has been made to substitute safe, natural ingredients for the harsh often dangerous chemicals that pervade the hair-care industry. A few people may have allergic reactions, even to natural ingredients which is why we recommend a skin sensitivity test. Naturcolor is so gentle it can be used over other hair color products or on permed or relaxed hair. We suggest ten days between perms and color (perm first). Choosing Your Color The "N" (Natural) Series as specially formulated with the strongest pigments to "cover" gray. If your goal is to cover gray, begin with the choice of a color in the "N" series. The other color groups (C, M, R, D) are made with lighter pigments. They will color in a more transparent effect and are also designed to be mixed with the "N" Series when special custom tints or highlights are desired.

Haircolor From Plant Extracts To Cover Gray Hair. No Ammonia. No Resorcinol. Not Tested on Animals. Enjoy Shiny, Glossy, Natural Hair Color.



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Health Essential  康宜齡健康食品

Hong Kong's premier health food, over 22 years !

8/F Hung Tak Building, 106-108 Des Voeux Road, Central, H.K.  Tel: 25452286 


 About Health Essential (previously Health Gate)

We are the pioneer in bringing organic, gluten free foodstuff into HK since 1992. We carry almost 1500 products imported from USA, our customers can choose from a wide range of foods & drinks which are organic or 100% natural, free from gluten/wheat, dairy, soy & nut. Low Glycemic Index or sugar free for diabetics. Dietary supplements for adults and kids. Organic baby's formula for 1-3years old. Body/skin/hair care products which are all natural and chemical free. We also carry a wide selection of hypo-allergenic eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. We promote healthy living without any compromise on the quality of life to those who enjoy life and their loved ones.

Come to visit us.  One-stop shop for you and your family !


NEW ARRIVALS....Royal Hawaiian Macadamia

Since macadamia is free from gluten, it is one of the popular ingredients in the preparation of gluten-free food formulas. Such formula preparations are a healthy alternative in patients with wheat gluten allergy and celiac disease.

New just in Royal Hawaii. Comes with 4 different flavours; BBQ, Sea Salt, Banana crunch, Coffee Banana Crunch.


Special Promotion Items for April...

March Special!

Nature's Gate, 不含氟化物清凉薄荷口味天然牙膏
Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste Cool Mint Gel @ $55 each or $300 for 6


 Peaceful Planet - Supreme Meal  25% Off

 The Supreme Meal shake mixed easily in beverages to make a great-tasting "meal in a glass." The Supreme meal shake is power-packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from nutritionally dense superfoods. These superfoods include quinoa, millet, amaranth and broccoli sprouts that are freeze-dried to help assure maximum retention of enzyme activity. Also included in each serving are approximately 2,000 mg each of spirulina and organic flax meal.


Lundberg - Rice Cake, ALL Flavors 25% OFF @ $33 each. Till Stock Last !


























Organic natural cosmetics and accessories

• Gluten-free/dairy-free/sugar-free foods


Seasonal Discounts


Seasonal Discounts

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